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The Negro Spirituals-Hip-Hop Alliance 

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Excerpt from the book:


“A guide for the children of slavery authentic nationality





The First Family of Music of America


Since the day the Arabs Ishmaelite’s Muslim sold the Children of Israel to the Christian Gentiles (Europeans-Caucasian) and with the assistances’ of the Edomites and Khazar (Imposter Jews) financing the majority of slave ships there has been a confederate among these nations to erase the Israelite (Biblical) identity of the children of the slavery from their remembrance. This diabolical plan to erase the name of Israel (God’s chosen people) from their remembrance almost succeeded (via the Willie Lynch program) However, the  Negro spirituals counter this diabolical plan by preserving and documenting the Israelite (Biblical) heritage of the Children of slavery in a musical format. What Wisdom! Greatness! Genius! Power! And Glory. Unfortunately, most of the children of the slave trade do no know, understand ,nor care about these sacred, secrete, and highly spiritual messages their ancestors was communicating to them; shame on them!  


The Negro spirituals are folklores; folklores are the characterization of a nation’s traditions, history, culture, religion, celebrations, spirituality, and narratives; and these narratives are the spoken account of the history and national identity of the children of the slave trade, and the Negro spirituals are the narratives of the Children of Israel. The miracle of the Negro spirituals is in the understanding that the slaves came from the West coast of Africa, from different tribes, locations, and languages; therefore, how did the Negro spirituals become the uniform national anthem of all these so-called African tribes?


   The slaves did not sing about the Pharaoh’s, Akhenaten, Ramses, Thutmose III, Cleopatra, their gods Isis, Horus, the book of the dead, or the Nile River therefore they were not Egyptians, the slaves did not sing about Ishmael, Hagar, Mecca, Arabia, Aladdin, the Quran, Mohammed, or Allah therefore, they were not Arabs Muslims, the slaves did not sing about the Kingdom of Axum, the Queen of Sheba, Mount Ras Deshen, Abyssinia, or the Abay River, therefore, they were not Ethiopians, the slaves did not sing about Ta-Sety, Queen Amanishakheto, Kush, Queen Candace Amanirenas, or Nubia therefore, they were not Nubians, the slaves did not sing about Hanukkah, Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah, the Khazar Empire, or  Mount Seir, therefore, they were not Edomites  or Khazar’s (imposter Jew; understand there’s no relations with the pagan invention of Judaism and the Jews ) the slaves did not sing about Xmass, Santa Clause, Easter, the Elf’s, Jingle Bells, the North Pole, Cesare Borgia, or Halloween therefore the slaves were not Christians.


     Kumbayah is a classic Negro spiritual and probably the earliest Negro spirituals documented in America. The classic Negro spiritual (Kumbayah) was translated to “Com by Ya” or “Come by here” however, when we break down the language we have Kum-Ba-Yah; Jah or Yah is one of the names of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob with the understanding there was no J in the original Hebrew language; therefore, Kumbayah is a song about the Israelite capitives cries for deliverance from their bondage to the God of their fathers; the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.    


Furthermore, contrary to popular beliefs there is no relations between the Negro spirituals and the Christian hymns. The Christian hymns  are the Gentiles (Europeans) polluted imitation version of the Negro spirituals (e.g. Thomas “Daddy” Rice imitated an Israelite slave song called Jump Jim Crow, Stephen Foster became successful from the slave invention of the Minstrels, Fred Astaire imitated the great Israelite dancer Bill “Bo jangles” Robinson, Elvis Presley imitated one of the Israelite fathers of Rock and Roll Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup, Eminem imitated great Israelite Hip-hop artiists like Tupac the great, and Hank Williams imitated and learn from his Israelite teacher and father of Country music “Rufus Tee-Tot Payne” ). In addition Israelite slaves were singing the Negro spirituals for over two-hundred (200) years before the Gentiles Christian (European –Caucasians) heard these highly spiritual songs.   


George White (Gentile-Caucasian) played a vital role in assisting the Fisk Jubilee singers (1870) in the preservation of the Negro spirituals as their manager and by making it possible for the Jubilee Singers to tour the U.S. of America and the world. The Fisk Jubilee singers dazzle audience all over the world with their electrifying performance to raise money to build a school for the emancipated Israelite slaves and they used their God-given talent to restore dignity and respect for their people. The children of slavery should understand that the original purpose of music was to be used to glorify and praise the God of their fathers Abraham, Isaac, and Israel and to edify their people. In addition the children of slavery should also understand that the gift and spirituality of music was not to be corrupted, nor driven by money, fame, power, or to sell their soul to the devil for vanity and the degradation their people.   



The Negro Spirituals are Songs of our Israelite’s (Biblical) Forefathers

  • “Go down Moses”
  • “Joshua fought the battle of Jericho”
  • “Rivers of Babylon”
  • “Ezekiel saw the Wheel”
  • “Didn’t my Lord deliver Daniel?”
  • “Swing Low”
  • “Blow your trumpet Gabriel”
  • “Steel away”
  • “When the Saints Go Marching In”


The success of the Negro spirituals prompted the billion dollar music industry and the Jubilee Singers became the model of success for recording artist. The genius of the Israelite musician and his music became a phenomenon in America, the Caribbean’s, South America, Central America, and worldwide; Ragtime, Jazz, Blues, Country, Soul, Rhythm and Blues, Swing, Gospel, Bebop, Boogie Woogie, Funk, Reggae, Disco, Caribbean music, Latin music, Neo-Soul,  Pop, Rock and Roll, and Hip-hip are rooted in the Negro spirituals. Moreover Hip-Hop is synonyms with the Negro spirituals because it was the social conscious platform for the children of the slave trade to express their deplorable predicament in the land of their captivity America.


Moreover, the Negro spirituals were secret codes and a language created by the Israelite captives to communicate plots against their enemies, escapes from the slave plantation, insurrections, to kill their slave masters, life on the plantation, and many other issues pertaining to their captivity in the land of the free. 


For example, “Steel Away” was a song about the Israelite captives steeling the ship named “Jesus” to make their escape. Furthermore, the Negro spirituals contain the  historical information about the Israelite captives advance ancient kingdom of Israel, civilization, government, science, agriculture brilliance, medical and engineering knowledge, artisan skills, craftsmanship, architecture abilities (e.g. the Ark of the Covenant), mathematics knowledge, military genius, astronomy, astrology, finance, economics, Hebrew language, poetry, wisdom, and the moral and legal foundation which became the model for the world (e.g. the Ten Commandments).   


   For example, America based their legal court structure of state courts and the Supreme court from the Israelite legal court structure that prophet Moses established, their jury system of twelve (12) jurors is based on the 12 judges of the 12 tribes of Israel.  In addition the Israelites understood the medical principles of cleanliness which is the foundation of medical science and modern medical books acknowledge the Israelites as the fathers of medicine.  


Moreover, the Israelites invented the Alphabet (e.g. Ten (10) Commandments) which was transported by the Phoenicians (i.e. Black nation) to the Greeks therefore; the modern day writing system is based on another great contribution by the Israelites to civilization. In addition the Israelites (i.e. Job and Isaiah) had advanced scientific knowledge and understanding of astronomy that the earth is round and their science predated the Gentiles (European-Caucasians) barbaric caveman state approximaately three (3,000) thousand years. The Gentiles (Europeans-Caucasian) believed the earth was flat up until the 1500’s.


Futhermore, America and many other Gentile (European-Caucasians) nations stole the national colors of the Israelite’s flag: Red, White, Blue, and Purple (Romans stole the Purple in 70 AD). Therefore, the Power of the Negro Spiritual refutes the lie of the devil that the slaves were savages in jungles who needed to be civilize and Christianized under the American institution of slavery.    


The American music industry, the recording artist, and every professional who have earned a living in the American music industry worldwide owes homage and tribute to the Fisk Jubilee Singers and the Israelite (Biblical) folklore’s of the Negro spirituals.   The Jubilee Awards (not the Grammys) should be the standard for achievements in moral character and musical awards in honor of the contributions the Fisk Jubilee Singers “The first family of music of America” made to preserve the Israelite (Biblical) folklore of the Negro spirituals and the billion dollar economy it created in the Americas and the world.


The Children of slavery are the 12 tribes of the Nation of Israel living in the land of their captivity America (New Egypt) and their great history is recorded and documented in the Bible and confirmed in the Negro spirituals.


(1611- KJV Bible)  — Deuteronomy 28:68 “And the LORD shall bring thee into Egypt again with ships, by the way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more again: and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy you.”



“On February 7, 2007, The House of Representatives passed Bill # H. Res. 120 recognizing the Negro Spiritual as a National Treasure.”













































































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